HR / Owners / Management Team discovery session
Exploratory session to understand the needs and gaps in leadership skill and/ or team dynamics


Agree on the best approch that will be the least disruptive on the team,  We undertand time is limited and aim keep our sessions concise and practical


Our programmes usually involve 1+ half day workshops depending on the required training


We don’t just train and leave, we then work with key individuals on an ongoing basis to ensure team performance is optimized

Designed for both stakeholder and employee workshops & interviews we use a range of techniques and skills to uncover the truth:


Using games and prompt cards to dig deeper into team dynanics and experiences within the workplace and identifying how their emotional needs can be met.

These games help people articulate how they really feel.

Conversations & Observations

We ensure open dialogue and encourage transparency and honesty in our conversations.

Our role is also observaitons to explore how the team dynamics play out and adapt our strategies accordingly.

Engagement Scaling

Digging deeper on Satisfaction scoring, identifying areas of strength and weakness around Safety, Trust and Purpose.

“Julie's warmth and charisma shine through - our recent one-to-one was such a support in a challenging time for me. Julie was clear, concise and thoughtful"