HR / Owners / Management Team discovery session
Analyse existing data e.g. churn, employee satisfaction, survey data and identify core audiences


Agree on and conduct methodology e.g. In-depth Interviews Versus Group sessions, depending on seniority levels and size of company.  Ethnographic element (observations)


Analyse findings and produce report ensuring Employee anonymity


Recommendations for next steps and expert partnership introductions e.g. Leadership skills, Team Building

Designed for both stakeholder and employee workshops & interviews we use a range of techniques and skills to uncover the truth:


Using games and prompt cards to access the emotions employees experience within the workplace and identifying how their emotional needs can be met.

These games help people articulate how they really feel.

Conversations & Observations

Open and safe conversations about how people feel at work and how they would like to feel.  Unpacking who is engaged or not and what is driving these feelings and experiences. Identifying gaps and opportunities.

Observational work is invaluable in assessing how teams perform together.

Engagement Scaling

Digging deeper on Satisfaction scoring, identifying areas of strength and weakness around Safety, Trust and Purpose.

“I vividly remember my first interview with Julie and left thinking ‘how did I end up revealing so much about myself?”